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Other Formats
Cromwell, Oliver (1599 - 1658)
Record Identifier
Cromwell, Oliver [BNF] [GyFmDB] [ESTC(AACR2)] [GyGoGBV] [NeNKHB] [PlWaBN] [nukat]
Cromwell, Oliver [BNF]
Cromwell, Oliver <Lord Protector of the Commonwealth> [ESTC(GK)]
Biographical Dates
Huntington, 1599-London, 1658
General Notes
Heerführer, Staatsmann, Grossbritannien
Lord; Engl. Staatsmann und Heerführer, Puritaner
Homme d'Etat.
Lord; Engl. Staatsmann und Heerführer, Politiker, Puritaner. In LoC-NA gibt es einige gleichnamige Personen, auch Amerikaner. Maschinell verknuepft mit DBL-Retro-Titeldaten
Angielski wojskowy i polityk w XVII w.
16.5p [sswd]
8.4p [sswd]
Politiker [gnd]
Language: English
Responsabilité intellectuelle ou artistique: Auteur
Geographical Notes
Nationality: British
Coded Information
GB ISO 3166-1
Place of Activity
Huntington, Grande-Bretagne (1599)
[Lieu de naissance]
Londres (1658)
[Lieu de mort]
[Place of death]
Last Change: 2016-10-25
Imprint Sources
  • Cromwell, Oliver: A catalogue and collection of all these ordinances. - 1654
  • Cromwell, Oliver: A collection of all the proclamations, declarations. - 1654[5]
  • Cromwell, Oliver: A copy of the letter ... sent to the members of Parliament. - 1656
  • Cromwell, Oliver: A letter from the Lord Generall Cromwell to the Parliament of England. - 1650
  • Cromwell, Oliver: An ordinance against challenges. - 1654
  • Cromwell, Oliver: Articles of peace agreed between Oliver ... and the States General. - 1654
  • Cromwell, Oliver: Letters and passages between O. Cromwell and the governor of Edinburgh *. - 1650
  • Cromwell, Oliver: Literae ab Olivario Protectore Angliae etc. ad Sacram Regiam Majestatem*. - 1656
  • Cromwell, Oliver: Memoirs of the Protector Oliver Cromwell and of his sons, Richard and H*. - 1820
  • Cromwelliana. - 1810
  • Dalle rivolte alle rivoluzione / Alberto Tenenti. - Bologna, cop. 1997
  • Een volle relatie van de grote victorie verkrege... / (By Oliver Cromwell), 1648 [ STCN (ppn 862208726) ]
  • Letters and speeches / Oliver Cromwell. - London, 1888.
  • Oratie van de heere protector Cromwel. Ghedaen aen... / (By Oliver Cromwell), 1657 [ STCN (ppn 141895519) ]
  • Speeches / of Olivier Cromwell ; ed. by Ivan Roots, 1989
  • The new encyclopaedia Britannica. - Vol. 3. - Chicago, cop. 1991
Variant Names
Variant Names
Cromvele, Oliviero
Cromvell, Olivier
Cromvoel, Olivier
Cromwel, ...
Cromwel, Oliverius
Cromwel, Olivier
Cromwelius, Oliverius
Cromwell, Oliver <Lord protector of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland and Ireland>
Cromwell, Olivier
Cromwell, Olivir
Cromwellius, ...
Cromwellius, Olivarius
Cromwellus, Oliverius
Cronwell, Oliver
Cronwellius, Oliverius
Crumwell, Oliver
Olivarius <Anglia, Protector>
Oliver <Protector>
Protector <De Heer>
Protector van de Republijcke van Engelandt, Schotlandt ende Yerlandt <De Heer>
Protector van het Parlament van Engelandt, Schotlandt ende Yerlandt <De Heer>
Protector vande Republijcke van Engelandt, Schotlandt ende Yerlandt <De Heer>
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