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Other Formats
Callistus <III., Papa> (1378 - 1458)
Record Identifier
Callistus <III., Papa> [GyFmDB]
Calixt <III., Alonso de Borja> [GScrO]
Calixt <papa, 1378-1458> [CANTIC]
Callistus <Papa, III.> [GyGoGBV]
Biographical Dates
1378 - 1458
Dates of Activity
1455 - 1458
Sprache(n): Latein
16.5p [sswd]
3.6p [sswd]
Papst [gnd]
Papst (1455 - 1458)
Geographical Notes
Coded Information
VA ISO 3166-1
Last Change: 2016-06-05
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Related Corporate Bodies
Església Catòlica., Papa (1455-1458 : Calixt III)
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Variant Names
Variant Names
Alfons <de Borja>
Alfonsus <Borgia>
Alonso <de Borja>
Alphonse <Borgia>
Borgia, Alfonso de
Borgia, Alonso
Borgia, Alonso de
Borgia, Alphonse
Borja y Martí, Alonso de
Borja, Alfons de
Borja, Alfons de <1378-1458>
Borja, Alonso de
Calisstus <III, Papst>
Calisto <III, papa, 1378-1458>
Calisto <III., Papa>
Calixt <III.>
Calixte <III., Pape>
Calixtus <3, Papa>
Calixtus <III, Papa>
Calixtus <III, Papst>
Calixtus <III., Papa>
Calixtus <III.>
Calixtus <Papa, III.>
Callisto <III., Papa>
Callistus <3, Papa>
Callistus <III, Papst, Gegenpapst>
Callistus <III, papa, 1378-1458>
Callistus <Papa, III.>
Callistus <Papa, III>
Callixtus <3, Papa>
Callixtus <III, Papst, Gegenpapst>
Kalist <III, papa, 1378-1458>
Kalixt <III, Papst>
Kalixt <III., Papst>
Kalixt <III.>
Kalixt <Papa, III.>
Kalixt <Papst, III.>
Kallistus <III, Papst>
Kallistus <III., Papst>
Kallixtus <III, Papst, Gegenpapst>
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