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Waghenaer, Lucas Janszoon (1533 - 1606)
Record Identifier
Waghenaer, Lucas Janszoon [BNF] [ESTC(AACR2)] [NeNKHB] [GyFmDB] [GyGoGBV]
Biographical Dates
1534 or 5-1606
General Notes
Niederländ. Kartograph
A aussi écrit en latin
Cartographe. - Pilote. - Né en 1533 ou 1534
19.2p [sswd]
Seemann [gnd]
Commercial responsibility: publisher
Intellectual/artistic responsibility: author
Geographical Notes
Nationality: Netherlands
Mort: Enkhuizen, Pays-Bas (1606)
Naissance: Enkhuizen, Pays-Bas (1533)
Coded Information
NL ISO 3166-1
Place of Activity
Enkhuizen, Pays-Bas (1533)
[Lieu de naissance]
Enkhuizen, Pays-Bas (1606)
[Lieu de mort]
Last Change: 2012-03-05
Imprint Sources
  • Nordseeküste (östl[icher] Teil). - [1969]
  • 1600
  • Beschrijvinge vande vermaerde stroemen, Tvlie ende Tmaersdiep, opstreckende Inde Zuijder *. - 1964
  • Generale Paschaerte van Europa, soe verre die Zeecusten ende Navigatien streckende zijn. - 1964
  • Nievwe thresoor der zee-vaert. / By Luijcas Janss Wagenaer, 1609 [ STCN (ppn 080088856) ]
  • S122236: The mariners mirrour wherein may playnly be seen the courses, heights, distances, depths, soundings, flouds and ebs, risings of lands, rocks, sands and shoalds, with the marks for th'entrings of the harbouroughs, havens and ports of the greatest part of Europe, 1588? tp=First made & set fourth in diuers exact sea charts, by that famous nauigator Luke Wagenar of Enchuisen
  • Tamme drayende Compasse ofte Instrumenten metten ghesternte. - 1964
  • Waghenaer, Lucas J.: Du miroir de la navigation de la Mer Occidentale. - 1590
  • Waghenaer, Lucas J.: Speculum Marinum. - 1591
  • Waghenaer, Lucas J.: Speculum nauticum. - 1591
  • Waghenaer, Lucas J.: Spiegel der Seefart. - 1589
  • Waghenaer, Lucas J.: Teerste Deel Van de Spieghel der Zeevaerdt, van de nauigatie der Wes*. - 1584
  • Waghenaer, Lucas J.: Thresor der Zee-vaert. - 1592
  • tEerste(-tweede) deel vande Spieghel der zeevaer... / By Lucas Jansz Waghenaer, 1584 [ STCN (ppn 053950704) ]
Variant Names
Variant Names
Aurigarius, Lucas Jan
Aurigarius, Lucas Johannis
Chartier, Lucas
Wagenaar, Lukas
Wagenaer, Lucas J.
Wagenaer, Lucas Janson
Wagenaer, Lucas Janssen
Wagenaer, Lucas Jansz
Wagenaer, Luycas Janss
Wagenar, Luke
Wagener, Lucas J.
Wagener, Lucas Janszoon
Wagener, Lucas Johannes
Waghenaer, Lucas J. van
Waghenaer, Lucas J. van
Waghenaer, Lucas Jan
Waghenaer, Lucas Jansen
Waghenaer, Lucas Jansz.
Waghenaer, Lucas Janz
Waghenaer, Lucas Janzoon
Wagnenaer, Lucas Johannes
Wagner, Lucas J.
Wagner, Lucas Jan
Fictional Names
Aurigarius, Lucas
Aurigarius, Lucas J.
Aurigarius, Lucas Johannes
Aurigarius, Lucas Johannes
Chartier, Lucas
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