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Other Formats
Agapetus <Constantinopolitanus> (0500 - 0599)
Record Identifier
Agapetus <Constantinopolitanus> [GyFmDB]
Agapētos [ESTC(AACR2)]
Agapetus <Constantinopolitanus> [GyFmDB(RAK-WB)] [GyGoGBV]
Agapetus <diacono> [ICCU]
Biographical Dates
sec. 6.
Dates of Activity
ca. 2. Hälfte 6. Jh.
General Notes
Diakon in Konstantinopel, Verfasser e. Fürstenspiegels
Diacono di S. Sofia, originario di Costantinopoli, del sec. VI.
12.2p [sswd]
3.6p [sswd]
Geographical Notes
Nationality: unresolved
Byzantinisches Reich
Coded Information
XU iso3166-1
Last Change: 2011-03-23
Found in
[KR] [PAU] [DEI] [EI] [IBN] [BLC] [NUC] [BNPC] [LMA,I,202] [Tusculum]
Imprint Sources
  • Agapetus <Constantinopolitanus>: Ekthesis kephalaiōn parainetikōn. - 1988
  • Agapetus <Constantinopolitanus>: De officio regis ad Iustinianum Caesarem. - 1518
  • Agapetus <Constantinopolitanus>: Ekthesis kephalaiōn parainetikōn. - 1988
  • Agapetus <Constantinopolitanus>: Herrn, Hoff, Hausstaffel. - 1619
  • Agapetus <Constantinopolitanus>: Herrn, Hoff, Hauss-Taffell. - 1619
  • Agapetus <Constantinopolitanus>: Scheda regia praeceptorum de officio boni principis ad I*. - 1669
  • Agapetus <Constantinopolitanus>: Scheda regia. - 1590
  • S108354: An exposition of chapiters exhortatiue, set forth in Greeke vvithoute meditatio[n], by Agapetus, minister of the most holy and greate churche of God: and nowe translated most truely out of Greeke into English, by Iames Whit Scotishman, as, the learned in both the tongues may easily iudge, 1564
Variant Names
Variant Names
Agapet <Diaconus>
Agapet <Diacre>
Agapet, diacre [BNPC]
Agapetos [IBN]
Agapetos <Diaconus>
Agapetos <Diakon>
Agapetos, Diakon [PAU] [KR]
Agapetus <Diaconus>
Agapetus, diaconus [NUC] [BLC]
Agapit <Diakon>
Agapito di Costantinopoli [DEI]
Agapito, diacono di S. Sofia [EI]
Agapētos <Diakon>
Agapētos <Diakon>
Agapētos <Diakonos>
Agapētos <Diakonos>
Constantinopolitanus, Agapetus
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