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Other Formats
ʿAnaṿ, Yeḥiʾel ben Yeḳutiʾel (1260 - 1289)
Record Identifier
ʿAnaṿ, Yeḥiʾel ben Yeḳutiʾel [GyFmDB]
Biographical Dates
Place of Activity
Last Change: 2012-03-02
Related Entries
Related Persons
Anaw, Benjamin
Related Entry , Beziehung familiaer , Großvater
Imprint Sources
  • Maʿalot ha-midot. - 1556
Variant Names
Variant Names
Anau, Jechiel ben Jekutiel
Anau, Jehiel ben Jekuthiel ben Benjamin
Anav, Jehiel ben Jekuthiel ben Benjamin
Anaw, Jehiel ben Jekuthiel
Ben Jeqūtiʾēl, Jeḥʾēl
Ben Yeḳutiʾel, Yeḥiʾel
Jehiel ben Jekutiel ben Benjamin
Jeḥiʾēl ben Jeqūtīʾēl ben Binjāmîn hā-Rôfê
Yeḥiʾel ben Ḳutiʾel ben Binyamin ha-Rofe
Yeḥiʾel ben Yeḳutiʾel ben Binyamin ha-Rofe
Yeḥiʾel ben Yeḳutiʾel ben Binyamin ha-Rofe min ha-ʿAnaṿim
Yeḥiʾel ben Yeḳutiʾel ben Binyamin ha-Rofe min ʿAnaṿim
Yeḥiʾēl ben Qūtīʾēl ben Binyāmîn hā-Rôfê
Yeḥiʾēl ben Yeqūtīʾēl ben Binyāmîn hā-Rôfê
ha-Rofe, Yeḥiʾel bar Yeḳutiʾel bar Binyamin
hā-Rôfê, Jeḥiʾēl bar Jeqūtīʾēl bar Binjāmîn
hā-Rôfê, Yeḥiʾēl bar Yeqūtīʾēl bar Binyāmîn
ʿAnau, Jeḥiʾēl ben Jeqūtīʾēl
ʿAnau, Yeḥiʾel ben Yeḳutiʾel
ʿAnau, Yeḥiʾēl ben Yeqūtīʾēl
ʿAnaw, Jeḥiʾēl ben Jeqūtīʾēl
ʿAnaw, Yeḥiʾēl ben Yeqūtīʾēl
הרופא, יחיאל בר יקותיאל בר בנימין [DE-603]
יחיאל בן יקותיאל <הרופא> [DE-576]
Original, [Hebrew]
יחיאל בן יקותיאל בן בנימין הרופא [DE-603]
ענו, יחיאל בן יקותיאל <הרופא> [DE-30]
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