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Day, John (1522 - 1584)
Record Identifier
Day, John [BSB,VD16] [NeHKB] [GyGoGBV]
Day, John [GyFmDB]
Biographical Dates
Dates of Activity
General Notes
1548 - 1550 auch zs. mit W. Seres
Engl. Drucker v. religiösen Werken u. Gesangbüchern
Buchhändler (1546-1584)
Drucker (1546-1584)
2.2p [sswd]
Buchdrucker [gnd]
Drucker [gnd]
Geographical Notes
Coded Information
GB ISO 3166-1
Last Change: 2017-03-24
Signs, Marks, Devices etc.
"An emblematic device of a heart purified in a crucible. The crucible is heated by a fire which rests upon a tile bearing the word Christus and supported by two hands emerging from clouds. To the wrists are fastened chains attached to a sphere, on a band about which are the Zodiacal symbols. Below it, the sun in glory. On the forehead of the sun the letter G: at the sides the initials of Thomas Gibson. On a scroll the words Horum charitas. (ɑ) With G on the sun's forehead, and T. G. at the sides. Passed to John Day at an unknown date. (β) The letters T. G. removed, together with the greater part of the G on the sun's forehead. Probably passed to Robert Waldegrave c. 1584. Perhaps passed into the hands of Thomas East in 1603, and from him to Thomas Snodham in 1609."
"An ornament with the arms of Edward VI between two pillars, at the base of which are the letters I. D., the initials of the printer John Day. (ɑ) As figured, with E. R. (β) The date voided and the E of E. R. replaced by M. (ɣ) "Again altered"."
"Compartment with the Royal Arms at top, and, at foot, a boy waking another; the motto Arise, for it is day: sometimes with E. R. in type at top. (ɑ) With motto as figured. (β) The motto cut out. ? Passed to John Windet or Richard Day, c. 1584."
A cut of the Resurrection.
Emblematic cut of an old man displaying a skeleton to a younger one with the words Et si mors, indies accelerat. From the skeleton issues a tree with the motto on a ribbon Vivet tamen post funera virtus. In the lower left-hand corner the initials I. D.
Portrait of John Day, the printer, dated 1562.
Ornament (? head-piece of a compartment), with a mask in centre and two fat boys holding pens, or palms, at sides: below them the letters I. D., presumably standing for the name of John Day. At the top E. B., perhaps the engraver.
Arms: ermine, on a chief indented two eaglets; crest, out of a ducal coronet an eagle rising ermine; motto: Mihi Vita Christus.
Framed device of Christ rising from the tomb, a palm branch in his hand, and treading upon a skeleton signifying death, and a dragon signifying the devil. About it, Confidite vici m?d? . Ioa . 16 : Vbi tua mors victoria? 1 . Cor : 15 : Conteret caput tu? . Gen . 3 : Ero morsus inferni tuus . Oze . 13. Above and below, Jesus Christus. Probably passed to John Windet in 1584. Probably passed to William Stansby in 1611.
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Day, John
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Day, Richard
Successor , son; co-patentee
Imprint Sources
  • A declaration of the Masse, the fr... / Antoine Marcourt, 1547 [ VD16 ZV 10390 ]
  • De heylighe Spaensche inquisitie, met haer loosh... / By Reynaldus Gonsalvus Montan., 1569 [ STCN (ppn 111871115) ]
  • Hondert psalmen Dauids. / By J. Utenhove, 1561 [ STCN (ppn 079190367) ]
  • The newe Testament faythfully tran..., 1550 [ VD16 B 4571 ]
Variant Names
Variant Names
Daius, Johannes
Day, John (Drucker)
Daye, Jan
Daye, John
Dayus, Johannes
I. D.
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