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Other Formats
Major, John (1467 - 1550)
Record Identifier
Major, John [GyFmDB]
Major, John [BNF] [ICCU] [ESTC(AACR2)] [EBOB]
Major, Joannes <Scotus> [ESTC(GK)]
Major, John [BNF]
Major, John <Theologe> [GyFmDB] [GyGoGBV]
Biographical Dates
1469-1550. anderslt. Todesjahr: 1540
General Notes
Scholastic philosopher and theologian, at Paris, taught Glasgow 1518-23, at S.Andrews 1523, to Paris 1526, S.Andrews 1531-d.1550, provost of St Salvator's College by 1550.
Note de regroupement par domaine: Histoire de l'Europe (940)
Note de regroupement par domaine: Religion (200)
Théologien et historien écossais.
Schott. skotist. Philosoph u. Theologe; geb. in Haddington.
Teologo e filosofo. Nato ad Haddington (in Scozia) nel 1469, morto nel 1550. Nel 1496 maestro delle arti a Parigi.
3.6p [sswd]
4.7p [sswd]
Theologe [gnd]
Language: English
Language: Latin
Responsabilité intellectuelle ou artistique: Auteur
Geographical Notes
Nationality: British
Coded Information
GB ISO 3166-1
Place of Activity
Glehornie (Royaume-Uni) (1467)
[Lieu de naissance]
St Andrews (Royaume-Uni) (1550)
[Lieu de mort]
Last Change: 2017-01-23
Imprint Sources
  • Historia Majoris Britanniae, tam Anglie quam Scotie / per Joannem Majorem, 1521
  • History of Greater Britain, as well England as Scotland, compiled from the ancient authorities / by John Major, by name indeed a Scot, but by profession a theologian, 1521 ; translated from the original Latin and edited with notes, by Archibald Constable, 1892
  • Insolubilia /Johannis Majoris, 1516
  • T099614: his Historia Majoris Britanniae, 1740 tp=Joannem Majorem
Variant Names
Variant Names
Ioannes Maior
Nome su edizioni
Jean <Mair>
Jean <Major>
Joannes <Maior>
Johannes <Maior>
Johannes <Maioris>
Johannes <Majoris>
Johannes Maior <Hadingtonanus>
Johannes Maior <de Haddington>
Maior, Ioannes
Maior, Joannes [RHSOA]
Maior, Joannes
Maior, Johannes
Maior, Johannes <de Haddington>
Maior, John
Mair, Jean
Mair, Johannes
Mair, John
Major, Ioannes
Major, Jean [CHEV]
Major, Jean
Major, Joannes [HU] [BLC]
Major, Joannes
Major, Johannes [ADCAM]
Major, Johannes
Major, John [LTK] [NUC] [BNF] [BBI]
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